Only 1 or 2 individuals commented on our app updates such as icons, aesthetic changes etc..

We are not getting much feedback on our progress, which is disheartening.

We know there's more work to be done but what do you all think about our progress so far?
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These fixes will be uploaded to codeanyon today.

1. Using @ and # in post reply's
2. Settings grey screen issue when Username, Email address and Delete account is clicked.
3. Messages image modal fix
4. Language switch issue
5. Landscape mode disabled
6. Image and video icon click limit.

Thank you for your support!

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We will try this again after someone deleted our last few posts discussing mobile app updates and corrections

As stated before, we have corrected the versions that were released and we are currently at v1.1.0..NOT 2.0.4. We apologize for this issues and it will not affect any of your app updates.

We have one - two more issues to fix before release this weekend.

Next Release v1.1.1

- Flutter upgrade 2.5.3
- Polls
- Report Post
- Report Profile
- Copy message contents
- Link functionality in messages
- Decreased image and video radius
- Replaced app icons
- Delete button for thread comments
- Deleting notifications issue
- Image and video modal redesign
-Video play button update

Thank you for your support!

#colibrism #colibriapp #Officialcolibriapp #iOS #android

Great idea from @pagalguru

If anyone finds a bug in the mobile app, use #moappbugs so we can check and address them in a timely manner.

P.S. We are working on adding new features in version 2.0.5 and working with Mansur to iron out any bugs that is currently preventing functionality.

1. Stories - Still have to be implemented
2. Blocked Profile - In progress (Working out bugs)
3. Report Profile - In progress (Working out bugs)
4. Report Post - In progress (Working out bugs)
5. Polls - In progress (Working out bugs)
6. .....

Thank you for your support

#moappbugs #colibrism #colibriapp #Officialcolibriapp

Colibri mobile app version 2.0.3 is pending review on codecanyon. Will take at least 48 hours or up to 5 days for review to complete. You can check out the changelogs on there as well.

To update app:

Please overwrite your files with the files in the v2.0.3 folder and run "Flutter clean", then "Flutter pub get" in terminal.

Don't forget to make the changes to your package name, constants and logo, if necessary.

Moving forward>>>>>>>>>>

Projections for version 2.0.4

1. Stories
2. Blocked Profile - In progress
3. Report Profile - In progress
4. Report Post - In progress
5. Polls - In progress
6. .....

Thank you for your support

#colibrism #colibriapp #officialapp #Officialcolibriapp

ColibriSM Moblie apps are available on Codecanyon!

Working on new updates. Purchase at the lower price as it will increase with updates.

Lifetime updates with purchase.


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