ColibriSM Moblie apps are available on Codecanyon!

Working on new updates. Purchase at the lower price as it will increase with updates.

Lifetime updates with purchase.


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For iOS: Still pending Codecanyon review.

For Android: Re-uploaded to Codecanyon for review.

#iOS #android #colibriapp #Officialcolibriapp


For iOS: We resubmitted to Codecanyon after updating their requirements from the reviewer.

For Android: We have to update their requirements and then resubmit to Codecanyon.

#iOS #android #colibriapp #Officialcolibriapp

iOS Users:

The iOS Mobile App is currently pending review on CodeCanyon.

The app needs some more additional implementattion before apple will accept in the app store.

Please visit this link to download test copy.

#colibriapp #officialapp #android #iOS

Android Users:

The Android Mobile App is currently pending review on CodeCanyon.

Please check the link to download mobile app from the store to test functionality. The app is connected to the Colibri web platform.

#colibriapp #officialapp #android #iOS

iOS and Android upload still pending review in the app stores.

COVID-19 is delaying approvals.

Once successful, we will upload to codecanyon, so please bear with us!

#colibriapp #iOS #android #officialapp

COLIBRI's iOS and Android Mobile App

***Uploaded to App and Play Store, pending review.

Apple takes approxmately 7 days for review and more if issues arises.

We will also be uploading Colibri's iOS and Android versions to Codecanyon, in the next coming days.

This will be the initial build, so every single feature will not be available but WILL be added in upcoming updates, so please bear with us.

***We will work on pushing out new updates every month.

#colibriapp #Officialcolibriapp #iOS #android

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