For the users who purchased the mobile app:

If you're having issues, please reach out to us before deciding to leave improper reviews and incorrect assessment of our product. Our demo is in the Play Store, same script as codecanyon and functional.

Some of our users are impatient and will do anything to hurt our product. We will do everything we can to get your app up and running and if we can't, THEN the appropriate review is necessary.

But....if you haven't given us a chance to resolve things before you leave a review, then that's not right and it's an incorrect assessment for us.

Out of the 64 users, we only received 6 reviews and some of them are negative, so this is hurting us already.

Please do the right thing. Reach out to us with any issues and we will work to assist you.

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Greetings folks,

Please check our ROADMAP on Codecanyon, for Mobile App Next Release Updates that's due to come this month, if no issues arise after testing.

***Price due to increase for this update so get it while it's low***

#colibrimobileapp #colibriAndroid #colibriIOS #v_1 .0.3 #Officialcolibriapp

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