FER is an artificial language. She is a language of freedom of expression, as you like. Few languages or no languages can express themselves better than FER. It can be created using very few words (fer has the ability to make its own words, and others can still read them). In a word, FER is easy, concise, and expressed freely.

In response Catching Kelvin to his Publication

Digital freedom, freedom of speech, no restrictions

Authentication & Authorization in Microservices Architecture - Part I

About Behalf
Behalf facilitates in-purchase financing for B2B buyers and sellers. As a financial institution, it is critical to maintain the customer's trust by ensuring that only qualified customers can access their Behalf Account.

Behalf is based on microservices architecture, meaning that each service is loosely coupled and has its own enclosed, well-defined bounded context.
Moving from Monolith to microservice architecture world have a lot of advantages:

Working with small components creates room to scale the service in separate parts.
Each microservice has its own autonomy & provides flexibility on the technology that will be used.
Productivity & velocity can increase by allowing different development teams to work on various components simultaneously without impacting each other.
Development teams are focused and organized around the business functionality.
Developers have the freedom to work more independently and autonomously without having a dependency on other teams.

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