Mansour, I present to you an explanation of adding a login with an Apple account to the scenario and application

@mansur_TL @TheBlackLoki
#ColibriBugs #oioo #أويوو #أويو #colibrism #moapprequest #moappbugs

I have already added it to my site

Thank you for your kind response The script is missing a lot and it brought you all the things we need and want you to add in the next update
[Added] Banned Usernames
[Added] Banned Email Providers
[Added] Custom Ban Message
[Added] Hide Banned Users from Search Results
[Added] Hide Banned Users from Friends, Followings & Followers List
[Added] Hide Banned User’s Posts
[Added] Crop/Edit Profile Photo for Users
[Added] Adjust Profile Cover Position for Users
[Added] Phone Code in Signup Form
[Added] New SMS BulkSMS provider
[Added] New SMS Infobip provider
[Added] New Storage Digitalocean
[Added] New Storage FTP
[Added] New Payemnts CoinPayments
[Added] New Payemnts 2Checkout
[Added] Chat Typing Status
[Added] Chat Seen Status
[Added] Two-Factor Authentication via Email & Phone
[Added] Two-Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator App
[Added] Security Check (Password Required) to change Email or Username
[Added] Security Check (Password Required) to delete account

@mansur_TL @TheBlackLoki
#ColibriBugs #oioo #أويوو #أويو #colibrism #moapprequest #moappbugs

@mansur_TL @TheBlackLoki #moappbugs #ColibriBugs i have notice a bug. If someone has blocked me, i can still follow him, then see his post and even make a comment. On twitter, if someone blocks me, I cannot see his content, i can not even comment. Please correct this urgently

#moappbugs TheBlackLoki Upload photo for ad cover not working on android

#moappbugs when I send message from web to mobile app push notification doesn't work. It was working before. After the update it didn't work anymore. Please fix. Thanks.

Please add margin on the bottom always last position is covered by navigation

Multiple pictures upload not working on mobile app... every photo selected one by one. Tested on Samsung Note 20. #moappbugs

one question. can you add admob banner and interstitial ad. 99% users never add ads in backend
We are not Twitter.


1. The preview of images in the application is bad.
Unable to zoom in, no response to turning the phone to landscape position. This needs to be corrected.

2. Can I turn off special effects while displaying dialog boxes. This effect is really annoying.

3. The video player is not working properly. Audio continues to play when movie is paused.

Please fix translate Male and Female.
in all languages is always only male and female.
This is very important, or just tell how to fix this here

Please add automatically refreshing after add reply in post.
Now need back to main screen and refresh manually.

Look here I can't find out who liked or retweeted the post
I want you to add it because it is very important. Thank you

#moappbugs #oioo #أويو #moapprequest #أويوو

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