In response Reiino Brasil to his Publication

Aperte a tecla Windows + R (executar)e depois digite tpm.msce pressione Enter. Vai aparecer essa janela abaixo informando se está ativado ou não na BIOS o TPM.

Existem casos, basta apenas ativar pela BIOS.
Reinicie seu Windows/computador e pressione a tecla Delete (Del) ou F2 para entrar na BIOS, geralmente vai encontrar em configurações e depois Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT).

Importante: não é possível informar de todas as placas mães, cada Marca/Placa Mãe tem um padrão para ativar o TPM. É necessário verificar diretamente com o fabricante.

In response Mansur ATL to his Publication

Well done @mansur_TL Thank you for this update.

However, these are my observation,

1. My colour scheme branding changed immediately I implemented the update. Changed the colours and button names that I have updated before.

2. I just noticed I can't edit any part of my profile in the new update. It keep loading back the same page.

3. How does the new e-mail notification works please?

Thank you for the improvement and update, we will be following for more. You are doing a good job.

Only PUREBLOODS will survive the vaccine / radiation holocaust being unleashed against humanity… the spike protein in vaccines causes genetic DISINTEGRATION

Transparent honeycomb cooling design for Xiaomi phone cases
Color:Clear Black,Red ,Yellow,Blue,Black
Compatible with:Xiaomi
Type:Cases & Cover
#iphone #iphonecase #Haiditrade

Elon Musk will open his own university.

He tweeted that he plans to open a University of Technology and Science in Texas.

Musk wants to name the university Texas Institute of Technology & Science. The media noted that the acronym would sound like a vulgar name for a woman's breast - TITS). Musk also said that the university will have "epic merch", which will be able to inspire everyone's admiration.

We will try this again after someone deleted our last few posts discussing mobile app updates and corrections

As stated before, we have corrected the versions that were released and we are currently at v1.1.0..NOT 2.0.4. We apologize for this issues and it will not affect any of your app updates.

We have one - two more issues to fix before release this weekend.

Next Release v1.1.1

- Flutter upgrade 2.5.3
- Polls
- Report Post
- Report Profile
- Copy message contents
- Link functionality in messages
- Decreased image and video radius
- Replaced app icons
- Delete button for thread comments
- Deleting notifications issue
- Image and video modal redesign
-Video play button update

Thank you for your support!

#colibrism #colibriapp #Officialcolibriapp #iOS #android

DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, LISA of BLACKPINK - SG (Official Music Video)
Director - Colin Tilley
Production Company - Boy In The Castle
Executive Producer - Jamee Ranta
Head of Production - Cora Ann Johnson
Producers - Jamee Ranta and Claudia Rivas
Creative Producers - Niko Philipides and Jonathan Singer-Vine
DP - Elias Talbot
Post Production Company - VHPost
Editor - Chris Simmons
Post Producer - Mark Mayr
Post Creative Consultant - Vinnie Hobbs
VFX + Beauty - Digital Axis
Color Producer - Mario Castro and Company 3
Color - Bryan Smaller
Commissioner - Shannon Leskowitz

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