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Yes it's just a simple lightbox component for the moment.. we need an update! Maybe a simple webservice (class with pictures and comment system integrated into a lightbox), hard to do but not impossible XD 😜

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-Can't register new users even if enabled.
-Can't upload profile pictures/header
-Can't upload pictures/videos at all even on swifts
-Pages won't load right away, you have to manually refresh the page, unless you use a mobile browser then they load.


Not sure how to revert back to 1.29 from 1.30 while these get fixed.

Hi @mansur_TL

Please Add Content Adult

New controls for porn warning in the settings

content you see “Filter” Media ( and “Limit” that could keep potentially view content adult content — and people who might create add videos picture upload with a check mark content adult pornographie warning voir le contenu

Exemple :

Please @mansur_TL 🙏

#colibrism #twitter

Multiple pictures upload not working on mobile app... every photo selected one by one. Tested on Samsung Note 20. #moappbugs

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When you update your profile picture it's not updated in the side bar or replies icon or etc, a full refresh should be applied.

We need to fix the void in the wallet balance when changing the Arabic language, see the picture in order for the balance to appear correctly
Thank u alot Mansour
#ColibriBugs #oioo #أويوو #أويو

#moapprequest can I share more than one phone in a post but I can't select all of them in one time. We need to add every picture one by one. Could you please make it to add all picture in one time?

We want to put the profile picture here at the top, like Twitter, and when you click on it, the side menu opens with changing the order of the icons at the bottom and the floating button #moapprequest #moappbugs

#moappbugs Video compression is making the view too small we can't see anything in the video that we shared. You could see in the below picture.

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