For those who purchased the Official Colibri Mobile App on Codecanyon, don't forget to leave a nice, decent review, pretty please.

"This helps with ranking and exposure"

For those who haven't purchased, get in now before price increase after updates.

We promise better updates and fixes are coming to include Flutter 2.0 update.

Thank you so much!!!

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В ответ Dave Bow на его Публикация

It's a very good initiative, but it still has some bugs like for example: Hashtags doesn't show the correct numbers only 1, Stories hasn't arrived in this version yet and the translation isn't working either. When will all this information come? @TheBlackLoki

В ответ Gerrard M на его Публикация

The post editing option is up to the website developer. If he adds it, we will add to the app. Update should be coming sometime this month if not issues arise.

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