Greetings folks,

Thank you for your patience. Mobile app update will be coming this week and it will also depend on how long Codecanyon takes to review the updates.

We are currently updating the document a bit, added a few more instructions. We will upload to Play Store for users to test new update.

Some features that we mentioned in our Roadmap will not be available in this update such as stories, timeline ads, in-app notifications..etc as we are still waiting on some functions from platform developer.

See what we have updated below

- Fix Bugs

- Flutter 2.0 Update

- Update on some UIs

- Image and Video link fetch

- Youtube fetch and play in-app

- Timeline image grid

- Image and Video modal with post icons

- Drawer menus

- Updated menu with ads/affiliates web view links

- FAB button

- New Post UI

- @name and #hashtags fetch

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В ответ Dave Bow на его Публикация

Web-version update is also coming soon, with some new features as 🎤voice recording system and amazon s3 storage as well

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Hi, I was just wondering, what do you mean by in-app notifications? There is already a notification system.

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When ever there's unread notifications or message, a blue dot will appear next to the message icon or bell icon. This we tried to get working but API issue. So we have to go back to the drawing board. Are you able to set up push notifications already?

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